Eurorack systems

About Us

Our founder Alfredo Aliaga, discovered the sound of the synthesizers in the 90s while listening to music by Vangelis, Enigma, Kraftwerk, and Plastikman, at the time as a young engineering student, he couldn't afford a synthesizer so he decided to build one for himself, getting obsessed with it over time led to the foundation of AtomoSynth in 2007.

Our first product was the Medussa which was a simple oscillator with a built-in 8-step sequencer in a fluorescent green transparent enclosure, that soon after was renamed Mochika and became our most important product, along with others like the Krakken mini keyboard, the Abyssal Photosynth, the Koe synth module, the Tottem drum synth module, the Asterion modular and many others. We are proud for having contributed to the reborn of the analog synthesizer with our designs and ideas that have resonated all over the synth world through these years and will continue to work for helping to shape the future of the analog and modular synthesizer world.