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We are proud to introduce the new version of our classic synthesizer module, the KOE 7. This time it’s back in two flavors: the “KOE Vactrol” which features our classic AtomoSynth vactrol-based 12db/oct Low and High pass filter, and the “KOE Ladder” with a new transistor ladder, 24dB/oct Lowpass filter, providing you with a wider range of timbres and sound possibilities due to the different characters of the new filters. As always it is a full synthesizer voice in one module, this means it features all the basic submodules like an oscillator, low-frequency oscillator, filter, and envelope generator, these are internally pre-connected so it produces a classic synth sound with the minimum patching (only CV and gate signals), however, each submodule can be used individually thanks to its extensive patchbay allowing great flexibility, making it a great addition to your actual modular system or a perfect entry point to the world of modular synthesizers.



AtomoSynth KOE Vactrol/Ladder User guide (PDF)

Audio / Video

Stay tune for more sound demos and tutorial videos featuring the AtomoSynth "KOE Vactrol" and "KOE Ladder"


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