Analog percussion synthesizer eurorack module.

The AtomoSynth TOTEM eurorack module, it is a complete percussion synthesizer voice in just one module, it is not meant to emulate any famous drum machine but to create your own crazy, punchy, noisy percussion sounds!! And is very versatile you can create from earth shaking bass drums, and vibrating toms till weird clicks, laser gun sounds and glitch bells. 100% analog circuitry, all parameters in the front panel, it can be triggered by any gate or short trigger signal, audio input, high quality aluminum front panel, black aluminum knobs, and crazy, CRAZY sound!!!


Eurorack module.

One percussion voice.

21 HP width

Needs eurorack power +/-12V

One VCO with triangle and square waveforms.
One LFO with square and triangle waveforms.

Two envelope generators, one with decay and level control wired to the VCO and one with decay control wired to the VCA.

White noise generator.

Audio input.

Tune input (positive voltage only. It modulates the VCO, it has not a V/octave scale)

Gate input.

Audio output.

Available soon