Mochika X3
Analog synthesizer Noise, VCO, LFO, Low and High pass filter.
Built in sequencer, features many modes: forwad, alternate, random, repetition, random repetition, gate arpeggio patters.
Built in Midi to Control voltage -  gate interface.
Rugged metal case.

available soon
Koe eurorack module v4.0
42 HP width, needs +/- 12V power
two oscillator with square and ramp wave
White noise generator
One LFO with square and triangle wave
Low pass and high pass filter
Two envelope generators
14 patch points
External audio input
High quality anodized aluminum faceplate.

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Analog percussion synthesizer eurorack module.

21 HP width
One VCO with triangle and square waveforms.
One LFO with square and triangle waveforms.
Two envelope generators, one with decay and level control wired to the VCO and one with decay control wired to the VCA.
White noise generator.
Audio input.
Tune input (positive voltage only. It modulates the VCO, it has not a V/octave scale)
Gate input.
Audio output.

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